New houses for EHP cops

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LACK of housing has forced policemen and their families into settlements in many towns in the country.
In some instances, policemen are placed in difficult situations when they live and eat in the same house or neightbourhood as criminals.
To address this, the Government must find the money to build houses and improve barracks for police in the country.
The grim housing situation was made known in Goroka when Deputy Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga visited to open nine new houses for police in the Highlands town.
In this province (Eastern Highlands) of about 600,000 people, there are 280 police personnel.
 Most of them live in run down houses or barracks, and 50 have no accommodation at all so are forced to live in settlements in Kainantu and Goroka.
Nine of them would be lucky to receive keys to move their families into these new houses.
Before cutting the ribbon,  Mr Kulunga pointed out that the constabulary needed  about K400 million to address police housing in the country.
Of the K50 million, the National Government allocates, Eastern Highlands province received K2.6 million.
They spent this to build nine three-bedroom houses for the officers.
The barracks was named “Kulunga Barracks” after him.