New laws on sorcery needed


SORCERY-related killings are increasing in communities in the Highlands.
One of the recent incidents was the torture of a six-year-old girl whose mother was burned alive in the capital of Western Highlands four years ago.
Many people including the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill are calling on the perpetrators to face the full force of law.
Unless someone is totally committed in having the faith in the Word of God, and live it through obedience, that person will still believe that sanguma does exist.
Who is going to win?
Is it the ones saying that there is existence of sanguma, or the other group which are saying otherwise?
We will continue with this battle even though we come up with new laws on sorcery and witchcraft.
Man must uphold Christian principles and be faithful to their wives.
Government, groups and individuals must work together to close the gap between rich and poor.
We will not solve the sanguma issue if we do not do these.

Kenny Pawa
Port Moresby