New leader for Komo-Margarima come 2017

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 A TRUE and genuine leader, who  has  the people in his/her heart will   be required in 2017. 

If there were no favouritism or no self-centred-type of leadership  among all the political and business leaders in Hela, Komo-Margarima would have been developed very fast. 

However, the rate of development in Komo-Margarima is at an active stage because of the LNG project, but the elected MPs are not   doing  enough of what they should be to properly accelerate development. 

The leaders are hiding behind  project developers and  are pretending as if  they are the ones doing all the work using electoral funds or whatever they call it.

The behaviour of funding projects through their own companies or awarding  contracts to a company owned by their political supporters without proper documentation and  tender policy has been hindering the effective development of the district. 

The following projects have  been  expected  by the people to materialise from  their  electoral funds, but none have been done so far:

  • Staff houses for Komo, Hulia and Margarima hospitals;
  • Construction of the Hulia-Komo road;
  • Construction of the Tari-Kutubu road; and,
  • Upgrading of existing roads, bridges as well as health and education infrastructures in the district. 

Therefore, for effective development  to take place and for the betterment of Komo-Margarima citizens, I propose we elect a new leader in 2017; one who is genuine and people orientated. 


Maya Hewa Anole 

University of PNG