New look at FinCorp

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THE employees of FinCorp Ltd are sporting a new look.
They recently shifted to a new office uniform featuring plain green and blue colours with a casual polo shirt meant specifically for Friday wear.
The old office attire had red and blue shirts inclusive of a variety of designs.
The new-look office wear will be used at all branches nationwide.
Since it is made of light cotton materials, it would be “comfortable and easy to maintain”, marketing officer Marie Oapaisa said last Thursday.
 “It gives the staff the real identity and importance amongst others and reveals the real FinCorp team,” she said.
 Ms Oapaisa said FinCorp had decided to go for a change to support PNG businesses and to have a proactive look that would identify the company’s staff among their friends from other corporate entities.
Costing more than K100,000, the new uniform was designed and manufactured by the Zucci Mode Ltd.