New toll-free numbers give public free calls to police


THE East New Britain public can now call three toll-free numbers installed at Kokopo, Rabaul and Kerevat police stations for times of trouble.
Police Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali said that due to the increase in crime in East New Britain, he had decided to negotiate with Telikom PNG to set up toll-free numbers at the three stations for people to call if they needed assistance from police.
“I have spoken to all officers during the parade last week to change their attitude and deliver professional customer services to the public,” he said.
“There will be no excuse from my officers that they do not attend to these urgent calls from people in the community.”
The toll free numbers are:

  • Kokopo 180 0001 which is also linked to the public safety duty counter and ICT operations room number 982 8921;
  • Rabaul 180 0022; and,
  • Kerevat 180 0030.

Tabali is warning residents, especially girls, that four dangerous criminals excaped from Kerevat jail and have not been caught.
The four escaped on Oct 17 while they were out in a work party at the jail’s cocoa project.
They are:

  • Michael Huksy from Opao in Gulf who was serving time for rape;
  • James Mai, 35 from Ilahita in East Sepik, who was serving 38 years for wilful murder;
  • Steven Mai, 38, who was serving time for wilful murder; and,
  • Yuanis George, 30, from Jipakim in East Sepik, who was serving time for causing grievous bodily harm.

Tabali said people should report to police of any suspicious movement or people.
Kerevat jail is yet to provide photographs of the four so police could put them in public places for
people identify the criminals easily.