NFA thanks sponsors of Pacific seafood, technology expo


THE National Fisheries Authority has thanked more than 50 sponsors of the Pacific tuna forum and the Pacific seafood and technology expo.
Managing director John Kasu said the support would go a long way in advancing an important sector in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.
“We are here to acknowledge all the sponsorship that you have supported us and some of you have been continually supporting us in the previous forum we held,” Kasu said.
“These two events are important. The tuna forum is conducted every two years. The seafood expo we hope to have it as an annual event.
“This forum is important as we will be bringing together expertise from all aspects of the tuna industry, and the presentations and exchange of information by some of the leading specialists in areas starting from processing all the way to marketing as well as other technologies.
“This forum has been held five times in the past 10 years. This will be the sixth.
“The seafood expo is the first of its kind and its stems from the some of the other expositions that we have been part of such as the Brussels Seafood Show where they bring together seafood exporters and importers.”