NGO gets funds for projects

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013


DEI MP Wesley Nukundi gave K11,000 as counter funding for a school classroom and water project in Western Highlands.

A cheque for the amount was presented to Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen (SPSN) development coordinator Elisabeth Kelly by Dei district administrator Steven Korowa on behalf Nukundi yesterday.

The money came from the district improvement programme of which K5,158.50 went to a new double classroom for adult literacy and K5,828.40 for the water supply and sanitation project.

Korowa acknowledged and thanked SPSN (AusAID) on behalf of Nukundi.

He said AusAID’s partnership with the government had seen many vital projects.

Korowa said adult literacy and water supply were important projects for the Dei people.

Mulamp local level government ward councillor Yap Anda thanked Nukundi and AusAID.

Anda said: “We have been praying and now he has answered our prayers and people will benefit a lot from the two projects.”

Kelly said AusAID’s partnership with the government was beneficial to the country.