NGOs urged to do more research

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THE University of Papua New Guinea’s students representative council has challenged civil societies and non-governmental organisations to do in-depth research and wider consultations prior to educating and involving the public regarding issues affecting the country. 
SRC president Rainbo Piari at the press conference last week, said his office did not encourage public protests and statements at present, seeing it as “the blind leading blind” type of situation.  
He said: “The SRC is not so vocal about national issues because we, as intellectuals, want to have wider consultation to have good background information, to support our actions.
“In 2002, the SRC was involved in the protest against land mobilisation and privatisation issues in which lives were lost.
“Eight years down the line and we see the country generating income and benefiting from privatisation, and that shows that the deaths were great lost of valuable human resources.”
The SRC president encouraged all citizens and their organisations to be responsible and clear their backyard before coming out public.
“I hope to take the speck from my eyes, the eyes of my institution so that we could see clearly enough to take out the speck from the government’s eyes.
“The SRC is not backing off but is trying to encourage collaborators to think analytically to develop alternate measures to solve issues affecting the nation.
“We would consider protest march only with proper knowledge and in detail picture of issues we are dealing with,” Piari said.  
He said he strongly believed God-fearing leaders with kingdom attitudes and wisdom could rectify the
problems faced by the government and citizens of the country. 
 “What makes a man honorable is when he is ready and willing to die for something great than live for nothing.
“To stand against corruption and to follow God rather than men to change what seems unchangeable,” Piari said
“The torch has been passed on so as current generations of this country we should now rise and participate in the building process that will transform our nation into a mighty nation.”