NHC trains staff in accounting skills

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


NATIONAL Housing Corporation (NHC) acting managing director John Dege is dusting off those “cobwebs” from long-serving staff in an effort to ensure they move with the vigorous changes to clean-up their image.

In a new initiative by Dege, 10 NHC senior management staff at its Tokarara headquarters in Port Moresby just completed a four-day professional course specifically for persons not in the accounting field.

The participants were Lucy Kairi-Tovue, Victoria Fane, Ruby Kaidoga, Samuel Kave, John Emena, Michael Loi, Christopher Tamu, Philip Kama, Albert Vai and Kei Tewana.

The course, titled Accounting for non-accountants, targeted employees who did not have basic accounting skills to contribute towards bettering their roles in the organisation.

Dege said not only was he fighting to clean-up the system but he wanted to also up-skill existing long serving staff so that they have the capacity to re-focus and keep pace with the new wave of development that is forthcoming. 

“Out with the old and in with the new, staff who become complacent will basically find themselves out of the picture,” he said.

“Corporate governance following appropriate procurement measures needs to be installed if the NHC is to be given any chance to step out of past measures.”

Dege commended Herman Moshi, a senior lecturer at the school of business administration at the University of PNG, for conducting the course.

Moshi said the course was vital for the Government and its state owned enterprises like NHC.

He added that the next course was financial management for non-financial persons and project appraisals and financing.

Staff members said the course was an eye-opener for them as it helped to broaden their knowledge on basic accounting skills.

They paid tribute to their managing director for taking on this new initiative.