NID part of system, Abel says

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

THE National Identification Project (NID) is expected to become part of the government system by the end of this year, National Planning Minister Charles Abel says.
Abel told The National that the public investment programme process for the project would end and that NID and the Civil Registry System would function as part of the government.
“The civil identity registry network which we are building is part of this planning process and within the National Planning Act and it’s part of the monitoring and evaluation framework of the government,” he said.
“It’s an addition to the Civil Registry Office, we have built the NID house and we are now building the entire branch network, we’ve done seven or eight so far.
“We are supposed to be opening in Lae next  (this week) and Kokopo in July. The next step is to take it down to the districts.”
The NID project is funded through a US$76 million (K234m) loan from the Exim Bank of China, plus a K50 million counter-funding from the government.
Abel said contractor Huawei built the NID Haus and provided equipment, software and 400 mobile collection units.
“They’ve done consultation and training,” he said.
“The government is providing a little bit of funding support for building the branch network and providing the staffing.
“All the branch offices should be set up with staffing.
“This is so that the recurrent activities are funded in the budget as an ongoing process of continuing to get the people to register.
“It’s been a four-year process and we are trying our best to wrap up the establishment so that it becomes part of the normal system of government under the national planning system,” Abel said.
NID system is a secure and unified system of registration of all citizens and it will be done on a linked database system between the provinces and national office.
and administered by the Civil &Identity Registry Office.