NID registration needs K120mil

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THE National Identity (NID) Registration will require K120 million to get every citizen registered, says register-general Noel Mobiha.
Mobiha said they received K7 million this year and it was not enough to register the country’s entire population.
He said the cost of registering one person in a rural area like Menyamya was K250.
“Imagine if they want to register all the others,” he said.
The requirement list was long, he said, and included logistics, recruitment, paper work and sending staff into the rural parts of the country.
“This is an expensive exercise and needs technical people to record correct information,” Mobiha said.
“If we get something wrong then the whole thing will be a mess and to re-do the process would take time and be costly.”
Mobiha said people needed to understand the whole process.
He said there was a delay in processing and getting the cards ready because of funding.
“This requires manual activities and they need to recruit more to help as this would take time and more people to do that,” he said.
“That’s why some had been delayed receiving their cards and there were complaints that NID was very slow in processing.
“In reality, they didn’t know,” he said.
Mobiha said he was looking into engaging more young people to register as they had not reached half the population in the country.
“We registered just 20 per cent and 80 per cent are yet to get registered, which is a lot.”


  • Why does NID need this K120 million for. Many people including me are still waiting for our NID cards even after we have completed all the mandatory requirements on multiple occasions. NID registry should not be given K120 million but investigated and usage of their previous funding justified. How do we know K120 million is the final and sufficient funds to register everyone in the country and how about all the money given to them in the past? If you have not deliver your promise for the urban population how could you promise to do that for the rural majority. I completed the NID applications on multiple occasions and I still do not have my card yet. Is this a joke?

  • Kevin Poke, you speaks for 99% citizen of the country.!!!
    Government should not give that mentioned/requested amount. What about the funds been released for start up of that NID program??? Where that funding goes to???

  • What happened to the millions that was pumped in earlier/
    Almost 99% of the Population in the country are yet to be registered.

    Is it another means to steal from Public purse under the Pretext to NID Registration?

  • K120 million for what use???…… very long line, send back home and said come next day…. I wait wait for my NID for 4 years now… where are all this money ? you people are honest in your job or eating money and live in a luxury life and ignoring poor people and threat them like stranger people…………… shame on you people …

  • Too many of us were still struggling to get our NID cards. IT took years and still follow up and nothing happens.
    More investigation needed to be done because some of the NID agent are charging fees for NID.

  • All the necessary forms were filled and even NID numbers were given.We are still waiting to get NID card.It is almost two years from now.May be there something going wrong somewhere.

  • Here is the K300 million saga as reported in The National

    2017/10/06 National Planning clarifies issues on NID registration process
    The National Letter by Hakaua Harry, Secretary, Department of National Planning
    The focus of the PNG NID project was to establish infrastructure and develop the system in the 22 provinces and the PNG NID project has delivered 18 provinces. Each province is installed with computer equipment, and the necessary ICT equipment has been assigned to individual staff for ease and flow of registration.

    180504 Registry office says 200,000 NID applications waiting to print because of breakdown by its only 2 machines
    NEARLY 200,000 new applications for National Identity (NID) cards already processed await printing due to technical problems with machines, acting Registrar-General of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry Office Michael Kumung says.

    2019/01/21 K250mil spent for NID for 750000 cards
    K333 per person 2014-2018
    ABOUT K250 million has been spent to register 750,000 people between 2014 and 2018, it has been revealed. National Identification registrar general Noel Mobiha said 165,000, about 22 per cent, were young people below 18 years of age. Mobiha said total funding for the identification rollout programme was K231 million. Figures for 2015, 2016 and 2017 were not immediately available

    2019/03/11 NID reveals cards and personal info stolen hope to enrol 2million this year and million in 2020
    Registrar Mobiha said despite that about 738,000 people were registered through the NID system by December 31. He said by the end of this year they planned to register 2.7 million people and by 2020 they hoped to enrol 3.7 million.

    2020/02/24 ONLY About 400,000 ID cards printed in nearly FIVE years that’s K750 per card
    ABOUT 400,000 national identity (NID) cards have been printed by the PNG Civil and Identification Registry (PNGCIR) office since the project started in 2015, acting registrar Noel Mobiha says. He told the media in Port Moresby on Friday that about K300 million had been spent on the NID project since 2015.

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