Niningi calls on Kuman to apologise over comment

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NEWLY appointed Education Research, Science and Technology Minister Nick Kuman says he is a nationalist and that he does not like “white people”.
Kuman made the remarks in the presence of department secretary Fr Jan Czuba, a Catholic priest from Poland, and his predecessor Pila Niningi.
In an immediate response to the media, Niningi, now the Inter-Government Relations Minister of the James Marape-Davis Steven new Government, said: “He (Czuba) deserves an apology.”
The shocking remarks were delivered at a recent ceremony for the handing over of ministry by Niningi to Kuman.
In his address, Kuman said: “Secretary (Czuba) I know you have a lot of good things being said about you.
“For me, I am a nationalist.
“I don’t like white people, am honest with you. I like to work with my own kind.
“You’re a Father (priest) and have done great things at Divine Word University.
“We must let good people continue the leadership.”
Niningi, who found Kuman’s comment offensive, said the Department of Higher Education Research, Science and Technology had been able to function efficiently under Czuba’s management and leadership.
“Father Czuba has a lot of experience that can be utilised to further improve the higher education sector,” he said.
“He deserves an apology.”
Czuba had earlier assured Kuman of the department’s support.
Kuman, among other things, said in his address that he wanted to see more institutions established in the country, given the increase in the number of Grade 12 school leavers every year.
He also wanted to see tertiary fees become more affordable, something the department had already started working on.


  • I think the priest should go back to the church-run institution.
    He has been the departmental head for 2 years. There has not been any change to suggest he is any better than the person he replaced.
    I hope he is not on a mission to make Divine Word University look better, particularly with regards to some courses such as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

  • Minister Kuman needs to be replaced, A racist is not needed in our society.
    Speeches like this from a government minister is indirectly sending a messages to PM Marape by spoiling his name that this government is like this.
    I think Kuman needs to go!!

  • Former VC of PNG University of Technology (Dr. Albert Schram) and of UNRE (Prof. John Warren) should be recalled!!!.. they have been terminated and deported unceremoniously by the corrupt doing of the PNC led government and their cronies in the Uni council of the two premier universities. They have provided much improvement and development to these two premier universities all to be left undone and stagnant now by the current administration. Min. Kuman needs to face reality and accept the fact that some of our expat friends have a great heart for PNG bringing with them greater sphere of knowledge and connections to put PNG’s higher institutions on par globally and be competitive at that level.

  • Maybe the good minister has some other candidate(s) in mind? Better than the current one
    He should not make racist comments like this to people /foreigners who came here to help build this great nation.

  • I think Nick Kuman need to come publicly and declare his intention for the removal of Fr Jan or his he trying to remove honest people to bring corruption and start appointing people he know to pursue personal interest. This is the same member who appointed a diploma graduate to become Simbu Teachers College when he was the education minister. Thereafter, a bunch of unqualified primary school teachers where appointed to the same college all at the cost of political affiliations. When Nick Kuman was the education minister for the last 7 years, he had approved 5 sub-standard teachers college but lacking the necessary mandatory requirements including Simbu Teachers College. Today, graduates coming from these colleges are performing far below standards, teaching rubbish in the classroom and the quality of education has dropped significantly for the last 7 years. So, where is the evidence that the current minister for higher education will perform better when he had never managed the education department under his leadership. I won’t be surprise if he appoints another diploma graduate to head a university in PNG.

  • The Secretary has done a lot for the nation as well as the Higher Education sector. We should be thankful we have people like him in the country, the “game changers”.
    With you all the way Professor Fr. Jan Czuba.
    Thank you for serving Papua New Guinea.

  • He’s got the wealth of knowledge and expertise and has done a lot for the country. If the new minister doesn’t like working with white people, then Fr, like other public servants should be respected to leave the department only after his term or contract expires. Do not politicize the department.

  • Nevertheless, an apology is in order…..this place has been changed by white man… Mr Kumans statement is out of order, racist and unbecoming….Fr Jan’s contribution to education is immeasurable as a priest, educator and manager as has been the contributions all WHITE MAN put together!!!….this is the twenty first century and Mr Kuman has to apologize to Fr Czuba and all the white people for his stupid comment….

  • How rude can you be towards Fr. Jan Czuba? It seems that these Chimbu’s, Mr. Kindin Onguglo and Mr. Nick Kuman a State Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology scold the man who is behind modernization of the Higher Education service delivery system? He is hooking PNG National Education Dept. to modern technology? This shows how little they know of whats happening in the country and where it is going. Their comments and behavior are shameful and they should apologize to Fr. Czuba. And Minister Nick Kuman should hand back the ministry portfolio. Nincompoops tarnish PNG reputations.

  • Minister Nick Kuman, please swallow your pride and sincerely apologies!!!!
    Your a Diplomat and a professional, if thats how your feel than you shouldn’t be in this Ministry!!
    For the last 44 years our Government is yet to bring our standard of Education up, we are a young country and we will need all the help we can get to grow our human resource.
    You have alot on your plate to do than to discriminate others.
    Our schools both in rural and urban areas are struggling and need development, that should be your #1 priority!!!

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