No bullet wound found: Police

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A POST-MORTEM conducted on the body of a member of Tommy Maeva Baker’s gang has shown that his death was not a result of a bullet wound or any blunt force trauma suffered in the Alotau Police Station, Milne Bay, Acting Southern police commander Chief Supt Rigga Neggi says.
“There was neither a bullet wound nor injuries suggesting (the use of) brute force on him when he was arrested on June 19,” he said.
Chief Supt Neggi said the postmortem report on the body of Kenneth Kennedy nicknamed “Five-0 body” to undergo further histopathology tests to check his blood and urine help authorities determine the cause of death while in police custody.
He said yesterday that Kennedy, of mixed Central and Milne Bay parentage, had been a wanted man in the province for violent crimes committed as part of Baker’s gang.
“He was wanted for a gun battle with the police, burning down of the ILP water police barracks, breaking into Masurina business centre and stealing valuables on the night of terror (April 29-30),” he said.
Kennedy was also wanted for wilful murder, murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape and other violent acts.
Chief Supt Neggi said when Kennedy was arrested on June 19, he was unarmed and his belongings, included a mobile phone, wallet, bank card, bilum and a waist bag.
He said the phone contained messages allegedly to gang leader Baker and would be used as evidence.
Chief Supt Neggi said on June 19, between 11.30pm and midnight, Kennedy and another suspect were sighted in East Cape apparently drunk and had boarded a PMV headed for Alotau.
“A special police operation team was then deployed for East Cape,” he said.
“Monitoring continued into Divinai village where the PMV had stopped.
“Kennedy and his friend were confirmed on board.
“However, when police attempted to make the arrest, only his friend surrendered while Kennedy, holding an empty whiskey bottle, resisted.”
Chief Supt Neggi said Kennedy wrestled with the arresting officers and during the struggle bumped the side of the PMV and fell onto the road.
He said Kennedy was subdued, arrested and brought to the Alotau Police Station.