No deal with anyone:Yasause

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THE Office for Climate Change and Environment Sustainability (OCCES) did not receive any advance payment from Carbon Planet in a trade-off for forest areas in PNG, it was stated yesterday.
Dr Theo Yasause, who was the OCCES executive director  until his suspension recently,  said they never had any direct dealings with Carbon Planet.
“Carbon Planet is not registered to do business in PNG.
“For the media (both international and local) to say they signed  90 projects worth millions of dollars is not true,” he said in a statement.
“There is no dealings with them (Carbon Planet) with me or OCCES.
“We have not received any funds from outside to set up the OCCES.
“The OCCES was set up by the Government and our records show that.”
He said the OCCES had not assigned any rights to any projects to any forest area or to any clean  development mechanism (CDM) project in the country to Carbon Planet.
Dr Yasause also denied any dealings with Climate Assist or  its principal, John Corby.
“Whatever he purportedly represents is fraudulent and I have filed a complaint with the police.
“As soon as he arrives here, he will be arrested and charged,”he claimed.
He added that any deal to sell carbon credits would have to start with the landowners and there was no deal at the moment.
“Anything that exists  is commercial arrangement between landowners and whoever is talking to them at this stage,” Dr Yasause said.