No more fighting, cops warn students

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

POLICE will not hesitate to arrest  students if they continue to engage in school fights, Lae Metro Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr says.
He said that last Thursday following yet another school fight there.
This time it was among students attending the Bugandi Secondary School along Markham Road.
The students divided into groups and fought each other at around 2pm at the school grounds.
The fighting, which involved the use of sticks, stones, knives and metals, spilled onto the main road. Traffic and the public were affected
Wagambie said police restored order in the fighting zone and dispersed the violent students.
“I have instructed my superintendent operations to go to the school and liaise with the administration there to find out the cause of the fight and the ring leaders,” Wagambie said.
“This cannot continue, this school has been involved in school fights in the recent weeks.
“Students of this school cannot continue to take their internal differences and fights to the streets and disrupt the general public.
“I will ensure they are arrested, charged and tried in court.
“My warning to them is anyone caught fighting will be arrested and charged. Enough is enough.”
Wagambie called on parents and guardians of the students to take stock of their children’s activities and discipline them.
He said in order to mimise the school fights it was duty of both the partents and the school administration to discipline those students who were involved in the fights, for the good of everyone.