No one owns the minerals or land

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

CLAIMS by landowners that they are owners of the minerals in the earth are absurd.
There’s support for such claims and I have even gone through the Bible.
Only the Lord is the owner of the land, who created Adam and Eve and entrusted them as earth’s custodians.
The natives who live on the land where a mining venture is to start can claim compensation for damages to the environment.
But will PNG continue to exist as a single national entity if this law is passed in parliament for so-called landowners to own the majority of shares in mining ventures on the land they happen to live on?
Laws are made by governments for the good of the nation, but to make laws just for the benefit of a few landowners is un-called for.
National interest must come first.

Guy Rols
Port Moresby