Nomane needs to do the right thing

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 12th April, 2013

 Your report about a former member of parliament on the run is intriguing (April 3).

Previously, there was a report in which the former MP, Jim No­mane, accused his successor of paying police to conduct raids.

His claim was supported by 

PPC John Kale.

The former MP is going around Goroka town as if he owns it.

He may have the right to do that as a citizen of this country.

But if the allegation is true, then why aren’t the police making any attempt to arrest him?

Is he above the law?

If he is being protected by Kale when he should have been arrested?

The police must explain as Papua New Guineans have the right to know what is going on.

The former MP, who is allegedly wanted for attempted murder, should do the right thing and that his to clear his name.

The fact that he has not done so has reflected badly on him as a leader.

The people of Chuave can now 

see some tangible development taking place under the incumbent.

Under Nomane’s term, there was hardly any service delivery or development in the district.

The people of Chuave cannot be fooled any longer.

It is best for Nomane to bow out of politics in good faith instead of embarrassing himself further.

The people have spoken through the ballot and have given their mandate to Mori.

The police need to do their job without fear or favour to win back the respect of the public because it is the right thing to do.


Chuavian citizen

Via email