Noted educator remembered

Letters, Normal

I WANT to pay my respects to the family, friends and UOG colleagues of Rex Matang. Rex was well known internationally among mathematics educators who considered the culture of the students.
His work was recognised by famous professors from Brazil, Africa, the Americas, England and Australia.
He was invited to co-chair numerous international committees on ethnomathematics because of his good research and teaching and is well developed arguments for vernacular education and mathematics that built on the culture of the students.
It is very important to maintain the logic and mathematical ways of knowing of PNG cultures embedded in their languages.
Can I urge the University of Goroka and the national and provincial governments to maintain the Glen Lean Ethnomathetics Centre (a unique centre in the world) and the work it upholds for culture, history, language, and education in PNG? 


Dr Kay Owens,
Charles Sturt University,