Numbers in ENB camp rising

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The National, Monday 30th July 2012

NUMBERS are building up at the Namah camp in East New Britain.
PNG Party leader Belden Namah was expected to have the backing of another 14 elected members by late yesterday.
Namah, known for his persistence, is still trying to muster the numbers for a chance to form the new government.
According to a source from the camp, 10 elected members had gathered at Rapopo Resort in Kokopo.
Among the 10 were deputy PNG Party leader Sam Basil, Melanesian Liberal Party leader Dr Allan Marat, Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar, North Bougainville MP Louta Atoi, West New Britain governor-elect Sasindran Muthuvel and Angoram open MP Ludwig Schulze.
With the extension of the deadline for the return of the writs, there was still time to muster numbers.
With the arrival of the 14 MPs yesterday, the number has risen to 24.
 now at the Namah camp now.
Meanwhile, Marat said the PNG Party leader and incumbent deputy prime minister was a patriot who had the simple Papua New Guinean at heart.
“He speaks without fear or favour compared to other leaders.”