NZ offers chance to experience ‘Kiwi lifestyle’ through programme

Youth & Careers

NEW Zealand scholarships are now open for Papua New Guineans to apply.
According the New Zealand foreign affairs and trade website the scholarships will change and enrich a student’s life.
“The entire scholarship experience from developing your mind and your career, to enjoying the relaxed Kiwi lifestyle and culture, has the potential to shape your life in the most enriching ways,” it said.
“All New Zealand universities are in the top three per cent of universities worldwide by QS World University Rankings.”
The study programme should relate to Papua New Guinea’s human resource and development needs.
For PNG applicants, the recommended study subjects are: climate changes and resilience, disaster risk management, food security and agriculture, renewable energy, good governance, law and justice, education (postgraduate level only), health (postgraduate level only) and information technology.
“After your study, you will return home to make a positive difference in your home country.”
Applicants have to apply online.
The eligibility questionnaire will check things such as:

  • WHICH country you hold citizenship in;
  • HOW long you have been living in your home country;
  • HOW much work experience you have; and,
  • WHETHER we provide scholarships to your country.

To apply for a full New Zealand scholarship, an applicant must be 18 years old or older when you start your scholarship.
Applicants from Papua New Guinea are required to apply online.
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