Obey law for growth


I WAS charged K500 fine by the Police for operating my store outside the curfew hours, but that has taught me a lesson.
I have learnt a lot from this incident.
I’m happy to see how the Police personnel in Arawa and Buka are working.
They are doing their job well.
We should obey the law as no one is above the law.
If we adhere to the simple directives, the Covid-19 won’t affect us.
If we hear and respond, there will be change.
If we obey, we will be independent.
However, the business operating hours during this state of emergency in Bougainville from 10am-2pm BST (Bougainville Standard Time) is not enough to do business.
Our government the Autonomous Bougainville Government needs to make an adjustment with the time.
The Police should be honest and transparent in their operations, no wantok system or favoritism.
We need tough leadership here in Bougainville
We need to forget about names such as BRA or any others such as ex-com because the crisis is over – long time ago.
Now we have a legitimate government in the ABG.
Our ABG members should be honest with us, tell us how funds are being used.
This is very challenging times. Our members should be thinking of growing the economy.
They should get rice milling machines and downstream processing of cocoa and copra.
We need to beef up our export products. Currently we rely on imports.
Finally, install water tanks, taps and upgrade fencing in the main Arawa and Buka markets.

Damien Sikaina,

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