Officers: Renovate barracks

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


POLICE officers living at the Gordon Police barracks in the National Capital District are concerned about the lack of maintenance on the buildings.

The officers said the state of the barracks was poor  and needed immediate attention. 

They have been told that the government  allocated K10 million last year to have the barracks renovated.

“Our Australian counterparts are here and it is embarrassing to have our houses looking like these with no renovation,” a source said.

The officers  have called on assistant police commissioner (logistics) Tony Duang to do something about it.

But Duang said he was unaware of any government funding  for the renovation of the Gordon police barracks as he only took up office  this year.

He said maintenance of police houses should come  from the department’s recurrent budget.

Commander of the NCD police barracks Inspector Gideon Kauki  said he was not aware of any funding allocated for the Gordon police barracks.

Kauki said there had been some maintenance on the roads at the barracks but no renovation on the houses. 

PNG Police Association president Leuth Nidung last week called on the government to look into the welfare of police officers including housing.