Official: More trainers needed

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 THERE is a need for more child protection officers with good training facilitation skills in all provinces, a United Nations representative says.

Asefa Dano, the United Nations International Children’s Funds chief child protection officer, was addressing 20 graduates of a national certificate in training and assessment programme. 

They came from UNICEF, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General plus Department of Community Development child protection and welfare officers from provincial administrations.

Dano said there must be more trainers in the provinces with good training facilitation skills. 

He emphasised on the need for provincial administrations and governments to be involved in child protection advocacy to assist in providing resources for child protection officers in the provinces. 

The two-week training was coordinated by UNICEF and facilitated by the PNG Institute of Public Administration School of Government.

The National Certificate Two in Training and Assessment programme involved three units – Facilitate individual learning, Assess competence and Facilitate group based delivery. 

It targets those already delivering training or officers who want to pursue a career in training and assess men.

Education coordinator Robert Nemala told the participants to implement what they had learnt in their workplaces.