Official notes potential to export skilled labour


PAPUA New Guinea has the potential to export skilled labour, International Education Agency School College of Tafe (Technical and Further Education), manager Chris Jones says.
Jones said students with special qualifications in vocational training in tourism, hospitality and commercial cookery were marketable.
He said there was a labour visa programme between PNG and Australia where many of the students could be in the market.
Jones spoke to The National during the International Education Agency School graduation event in Port Moresby on Friday.
“There is an opportunity for Papua New Guinean Government supporting people who come out of our courses, especially tourism and hospitality management,” he said.
“I believe the Australian job market could absorb 5000 people from here with qualifications in tourism and hospitality management, on work contracts of 12 months.
“They can be assisted to go and work in Australia under contracts of 12 moths, paid Australian wages, come back to Papua New Guinea with better skills to set up business and run them with high-level skills.”
Jones said Papua New Guinea needed more vocational educational training and that was why those courses were focussed.
“However, they can be marketed not only in PNG but also in overseas,” he said.
Jones said the country needed a lot of skilled people.
IEA is specialised in commercial cookery, tourism, hospitality and management.
“This year we have enrolled 30 students in commercial cookery,” he said.
The International Education Agency College is unique.
It was started in 1976 and has 20 schools in Papua New Guinea.
It was a year after the country gained independence, and has 20 schools teaching courses under international standards.