Official: Submit acquittals or miss out on subsidy


SCHOOLS in Morobe have been warned to provide acquittals for the first quarter of government tuition fee subsidy (GTFS) to be eligible for the second quarter payments. Acting Morobe education adviser Keith Tangui said there would be no subsidies for schools who did not submit acquitals. “It is as simple and straightforward as that,” he said.“Those schools that provide acquittals for the first quarter, they will be checked thoroughly to make sure that they are in order and is spent within the school learning improvement plan (Slip) budget, then this quarter funds will be released.”Tangui said GTFS was Government money given to schools to use purposely for teaching and learning programmes.“It is now a policy and every school needs to comply so that we have accountability to make sure we have enough money to fund programmes to enhance teaching and learning in schools,” he said. Meanwhile, Tangui urged stakeholders involved in the development of a school to work together to ensure that the school in their area is functioning well for the benefit of the children, parents and everyone. “If a school faced a problem that needs to be dealt with administratively, follow the chain of command to get the issue solved and do not jump quickly to the hierarchy for assistance,” he said. “That is why we will now attend to any teacher only when he or she produces a letter of release from the school’s head.”