Offseason league announces winners


THE National Capital District Eastern Highlands Offseason Rugby League has declared last season’s senior and junior grand finalists as dual winners upon cancellation of the deciders.
League president Benny Kene told The National that the deciders were cancelled after the host venue at the Taurama Barracks was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The senior grand finalists were Siane Koboni and Bodiam Nuggets while the juniors were Aho Brothers and Gordon Ridge.
“It was unfortunate but we couldn’t do much, so we decided to declare all four teams as dual winners before kicking off the new season next week,” Kene said.
“Before the kick-off, we’d like to acknowledge the four grand finalists for their efforts all season last year.
“The league executives and I have decided that while most competitions are scheduled to start in the middle of the year, we want to have an eight-week season.”