Ofora sees scholarship as great opportunity

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Out of many Grade 12 students graduating from Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS), Henry Ofora and Martin Paul were chosen for International Training Institute (ITI) scholarships.
DBTS caters for students from Grades 9 to 12 and is based at Gabutu in Port Moresby.
Paul and Ofora are two students who met the ITI scholarship criteria.
They were well-disciplined students who proved to be committed to their studies.
Ofora was happy and excited to receive the scholarship.
“It will be wonderful taking up courses at ITI,” he said.
“My mother will be very excited about this opportunity because currently she is the only parent who looks after me and my other siblings after our dad passed away two months ago.
“It is a great opportunity for me and I will take on the scholarship.”
He said the greatest challenges he faced during his schooling period were school fees and submission of assignments.
Ofora’s mother, Helen, shed tears of joy saying, this was a blessing for her family.
“Henry will decide whether he is going to take the scholarship or not,” she said.
“He may have other visions and goals in his life.
“I don’t want to interfere with it so this will be his decision.”
Helen said she and her late husband adopted Henry from their daughter and look after him as one of their own.
They took care of him and paid his school fees from elementary up to Grade 8.
“When he found out about his biological father, then his biological father came in to pay for his school fees,” she said.
“That is when I retired from my work on Jan 27, 2014.”
ITI assistant marketing manager Denny Moinga said the scholarship was an opportunity for students who may not make it to other tertiary institutions. “We want to give a second chance to student by allowing them to continue their education and prosper in life,” he said.
“ITI is very well established and we are serious to provide degree and masters programmes in the country.”

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