OHE: We will not tolerate violence

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The National- Tuesday, January 11, 2011


THE Office of Higher Education (OHE) will not tolerate violence in higher institutions this year, director-general Dr William Tagis has said.

Tagis said OHE was tired of violence and death in higher institutions, especially universities.

He said in light of past experiences, the office would be amending its act at the end of March to address violence and boycotts in higher institutions.

“I do not want to see and hear about another student death,” Tagis said.

He said yesterday that cult activities were also seeping into technical institutions and the government would be taking tougher measures to address the situation and its offenders. 

Tagis said students had responsibilities to their institutions and studies thus, they should comply with them. 

First year students entering institutions currently under scholarships were also urged to maintain their scholarships status, adding that it was often first years that missed out on the chance to continue their studies when they became involved in such practices.

Tagis also stressed to continuing students to “study hard” saying that assessments were getting tougher and students needed to focus on their studies.

He said the government had done its part by providing support to improve and maintain facilities and the office, in turn, expected students to take advantage of this and learn from those resources.