OLSH international schools celebrate anniversary


OLSH International School celebrated its 60th anniversary with a Cultural Day where students and staff members performed traditional dances and songs on Friday.
The International Group, which comprised a mixture of students and a few expatriate staff members, brought an taste of international flavour by performing a famous traditional Japanese dance.
Led by Japanese and ICT teacher Iseya Katsumi, the students and staff in their bright red tops and black trousers, performed yosakoi, a dance that has to do with fishing.
“The dance is called yosakoi, particularly Nanchu Soran-bushi,” Katsumi and a student explained to the audience before the performance, both in Japanese and English.
Yosakoi is set in Hokkaido, which is the northernmost tip of Japan.
The dance signifies fishing in a large sea and expresses the Japanese enjoyment while doing their work in fishing.
“Yosakoi or Yosakoi Soran in one the most famous dances in Japan. Nanchu Soran- bushi emphasises the fact that the net used for fishing is being pulling in while making a roll through the field.
“‘So-ran’ is the name of a fish in Japanese,” Iseya said in Japanese and was translated by a student.
The dance gives an imaginative situation where the fishing vessel is being hit by big waves.

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