O’Neill rallies for Manase

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IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill was received by huge crowds in his electorate and Enga yesterday.
The People’s National Congress (PNC) Party leader told the people that he visited many parts of the country over the past five weeks and issues remained the same.
When in Kandep (Enga) O’Neill said people were still badly in need of basic services.
He noted that school dropouts were noticeably roaming the streets aimlessly.
Rallying for PNC candidate for the Kandep Open seat Alfred Manase, O’Neill described him as one with good work ethics.
O’Neill said: “We are in need of services but leadership has gone wrong
“I’m thankful you people are sending someone like Manase with good work ethics. Public funds shouldn’t go into personal pockets.
“Alfred Manase is one of the PNC strongmen.
“He (Manase) brought changes to Kandep during his short stint.
“We have 17 MPs in Opposition, we are still firm and that we are not followers.
“We stand firm to form government and bring development into our villages.”
O’Neill said the loan programme for tertiary students would be scraped off once PNC formed government in August.
“You don’t need to get loan to pay for university fees.
“Our children are not yet strong to work and repay loan.”
O’Neill also said council wards would be included in the next national budget.
“They will be on payroll to look after the community,” he said.

Manning warns public about behaviour during polls

POLICE Commissioner David Manning has warned the public not to engage in any criminal act against the security forces, polling officials and supporters of opposing candidates during the election period.
Manning, who addressed the General Election 2022 (GE22) Joint Security Task Force operation launching in Port Moresby last Friday, said the security forces would respond through lawful means necessary.
“We are not your enemy, we mean you no harm,” he said.
He said the quick response force should not act in a manner that could bring the whole security operations for GE22 into disrepute.
Manning said service men and women should not be coerced, bribed, forced or threatened by candidates and supporters.
“The course of the operation would subject us to scrutiny, criticisms and deliberate acts designed to bring the operation into disrepute” he said.
“It will also be physically and mentally demanding for the personnel as they deliver the GE22 for the people.”
“Whilst we have our personal political views and affiliations, we must not allow this to distract us,” he said.
“I, like many of you, have friends and relatives contesting in this general election, but I will not let that fact cloud my judgement or influence my authority to make decisions, and I expect you all to do the same.”

West Sepik to start voting on Monday, says provincial election manager

WEST Sepik will begin voting on Monday with Vanimo and Aitape-Lumi having only one day of polling, according to West Sepik election manager Salote Kai.
She said other rural local level governments would have five days of polling, from Monday to Friday.
Salote said ballot papers allocated for West Sepik had arrived in the province with ballot boxes to be dispatched.
“A total of 177,050 ballot papers have been allocated for the voting population in West Sepik while ballot boxes are yet to arrive so whatever we have in stock (ballot boxes), we are dispatching them to the districts,” she said.
She acknowledged the security personnel, partners and business houses for their support while urging the public to work with the provincial election team.
“Our security personnel in West Sepik is well coordinated despite the delay in funding.
“They were present to provide security when we received our election materials, and as for the people of West Sepik, we expect them to work with us to ensure we allow this election to flow smoothly.”
Salote said 19 assistant returning officers (AROs) had been gazetted and were undergoing training for polling.
She said AROs for Vanimo-Green and Telefomin had their training last week.
She said training for AROs for Nuku and Aitape-Lumi were expected this week.