O’Neill rules out Kua’s inquiry proposal


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has rejected a suggestion by the Opposition for a commission of inquiry to investigate the sale of Government’s shares in Oil Search, saying there is no need for it.
“I know that the good member for Sinasina-Yongomugl (Kerenga Kua) wishes that there should be some inquiry,” he said.
“There is no need for that.
“I have already said I will table the reports presented to me by Kumul Petroleum Holdings (Limited).”
Kua called for a commission of inquiry to be set up, saying in 2013 and 2014, O’Neill was advised against the purchase of the 10 per cent share in Oil Search.
Kua said O’Neill was asked to bring the matter to Parliament for approval.
“Can he now set up a commission of inquiry instead of self-justifying to clear himself?” Kua said.
O Neill said: “I do not make unilateral decisions.
“It is not a private business for Peter O’Neill or whoever.”
O’Neill told Parliament that Kua was in Government when KPHL was created.

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