Onglo condemns killing

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William Onglo

POLICE Minister William Onglo says the shooting and killing of a policeman and the robbery at Chimbu Governor Michael Dua’s residence showed no one was safe, whatever their standing in society.
“I condemn the killing of the young policeman and am confident that the cop killers will be arrested,” he said, adding that his thoughts and prayers were with the family, relatives and friends of the fallen policeman.
On Saturday, robbers raided Chimbu Governor Michael Dua’s Malolo Estate residence in Port Moresby and fled with K250,000 in valuables and cash, including a vehicle.
On Monday, acting on a tip-off, police raided the armed robbers’ haunt at 5-Mile Ridge where a constable was killed in a shootout.
Onglo appealed to the Chimbu people to remain calm and peaceful as the robbery was being investigated by the police.
“I am appealing because I am aware that what has happened in the city of Port Moresby has now spilled over into Kundiawa with talks of a confrontation between the people of Dua and those they are suspecting of committing the offence.
“I want to warn those who continue to push for confrontation to be mindful that their actions will not be taken lightly by police in Kundiawa. Police will stop any form of protest or unrest.
“Kundiawa is the capital of the province and any Government property will be protected.
“Please be calm and understanding, and allow police investigations to be concluded.
“Let us respect the rule of law and respect the properties and lives of those within the township of Kundiawa.
“One life has been lost in the pursuit of justice and we cannot see another loss of life.”
Meanwhile, Police Comm David Manning has sent out his prayers and condolences to the fallen officer who was killed in the line of duty.
“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the late member’s family.
“I cannot release the name of the fallen officer until his relatives are properly informed. But be rest assured we will investigate the matter and take appropriate action once investigations are completed.
“It is never easy losing a colleague so young and especially with many years of his life and career before him,” Comm Manning said.
He said National Capital District (NCD)/Central commander ACP Anthony Wagambie Jr was personally leading investigations to track down the copkillers.
ACP Wagambie confirmed The National’s report yesterday that a young policeman from Boroko police station was killed while going after a known serial armed robber and car thief at the 5 Mile settlement in the early hours of Monday.
“I have directed a separate inquiry into the death of the policeman,” he said.