Opposition highlights policies

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A GOVERNMENT led by Abau MP Sir Puka Temu will invest heavily in education.
Sir Puka said yesterday the opposition was confident of moving a successful vote of no-confidence against the government when parliament resumes in two weeks, and he felt the need to go ahead and outline some of the opposition’s major policies as an alternative government.
He said they would focus on the education sector to address the needs of more than 50% of school-age children in the country who had missed out on basic education every year.
“A government that invests in its human resource is a good government and, therefore, PNG must invest in its human resource to compete in the region and on the international arena,” he said.
Sir Puka said another key policy would be to revive the public service machinery for the good of the nation.
He said those who had not performed would go and allow for competent and committed officers to serve the people through the implementation of effective policies and a change in attitudes and work commitments.
He said transparency and accountability among all public office holders would be a major focus of the alternate government to effect public service functions and processes and allow for services to trickle down to the people.
“We will also make sure that financial management procedures are resurrected to ensure all public funds are channelled in a transparent and accountable manner,” Sir Puka said.
He said the alternate government would make sure that the functions and roles of the Ombudsman Commission were reviewed to give it greater powers and autonomy in dealing with corrupt leadership.