Opposition leader can dream on

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I REFER to your report about the new opposition leader criticising the failures of the national government (May 12).
I would like to share some of my perception of him.
The opposition leader, during his election campaign, made so many promises and not even one has been fulfilled thus far.
He promised to put up seawalls around the township of Vanimo; do away with the bucket system by installing sewerage and sanitation system, including providing water supply; setting up satellite townships in various locations within Vanimo-Green electorate and many more.
Why is the honourable MP not fulfilling his own promises within his small electorate?
If he cannot deliver back home, I doubt he can bring big changes to the nation under his leadership.
He claims that the government is not doing enough and thinks that his party and its coalition partners have the right plans to ease the nation of its sufferings.
Of the previous governments, none has stood out to fully bring development and take the country out of its economic plight.
They all made promises and failed to deliver as expected.
Being power-hungry is typical of every politically-minded person in the PNG context.
Their main interest is to fight their way to gain fame and wealth of a big man.
They do not consider their obligations as mandated representatives of the people to deliver services and, as such, the opposition leader is no exception.
I want to tell the suffering population of Vanimo-Green electorate not be fooled again by free handouts.
Money is like liquid and it will leak out and dry up quickly.
We should be getting basic infrastructure instead of free handouts so we can utilise these resources to generate money ourselves.
Handing out cash is a short-term benefit and does not cater to our day-to-day living in the long run.
The five-year term is about to lapse and let us be mindful and thoughtful of who to choose in the general election next year.
Whoever comes around luring us with cold hard cash is denying us of our freedom of free choice.
My advice is to grab as much free cash as possible but choose wisely when casting our powerful votes.