Opposition MPs will not receive any Apec assets, says Namah

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THE five Opposition MPs will not accept any Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) assets including vehicles which the Government plans to give to MPs, says Opposition leader Belden Namah.
Namah said they were surprised that Apec vehicles were being given out to MPs instead of being sold to generate some revenue when the nation was facing a financial crisis. He said funds collected from the sale of vehicles could fund services such as education and health.
He described the decision to sell the 111 Apec vehicles as a total disgrace.
“We in the Opposition will not accept those vehicles,” Namah said.
“We understand that many of the vehicles have already been given out to MPs over the past two weeks. If members of the Opposition receive them, we will sell them and put the money into the districts.”
Namah said everyone thought all Apec assets would be auctioned to recover the money spent on buying them.
“The country needs money. Why should MPs be given cars when they are paid vehicle allowances? This is double dipping.”
Prime Minister James Marape said vehicles were being given to districts and provinces and not to MPs.
But Namah said the Government should have sold all Apec assets.
He called on Marape to table the Apec report for the people to see where the K3 billion was spent during the hosting of the meeting last November.


  • Mr. Namah is right. Those cars should be sold to generate money to help maintain the services. Besides how can the government take back PNG by giving the APEC cars to the district. Again those cars can be used to generate money to help the country’s economy. However, the government can give the cars but must closely monitor them while ensuring transparency transpires.

  • This is exactly what is happening now, Sir Governor Peter Ipatas got one those buses, donated to Enga Teachers College, If you got college or Territory Institution, in your district, talk to your local MP, simple……..

  • In the case of transportation, I think it’s ok with our MP’s. From my observation, a MP on average has three vehicle. Hence, it’s not worth giving those vehicles to them gain. This makes me agree strongly with the opposition’s insist. The car has to bring revenue to the state not for personal interest.

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