Organic law has failed to deliver since 1995

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THE Organic Law on Provincial Government and Local Level Government (OLPG & LLG) on service delivery has failed since its launch in 1995.
Papua New Guinea Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (PNGCLRC) chairman, Joe Mek Teine, pointed this out during the launch of a monograph report on the review of the implementation of OLPG & LLG.
Mr Teine launched the monograph which was provided for rapid assessment report conducting survey and assessment on the state of implementations of the institutional and administrative structure and arrangement of the OLPG & LLG relating to service delivery in the provinces and districts.
Mr Teine, who is the Kundiawa-Gembogl MP, said the reform introduced in 1995 to the system of decentralisation, which PNG now has under the OLPG & LLG, were introduced with the view to improving service delivery to the greater majority of the people living in the rural areas.
However, he said it now appeared that the current system has failed to meet the objective of improved service delivery.
As a result Mr Teine said Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare had called for a review of the current system of decentralisation.