Oro community marks UN millennium campaign

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CHILDREN and youths from the Oro Village community at ATS, behind Jackson Airport, braved  the sun to stage a rally in their community to commemorate the United Nations “Stand up and take action mMillennium campaign last Saturday.
The second day of thecampaign also coincided with the international day for the eradication of poverty. The global campaign was to remind world governments of their commitments to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and to end poverty.
Oro children, youths and women on behalf of all those in PNG, came out to remind the PNG Government of its commitments and to help those living in urban settlements to alleviate poverty in their settlements.
The event was organised by the Salvation Army in a joint effort with the Papua New Guinea Council of Churches (PNGCC).
PNGCC President Br Patrick Gaiyer said churches and civil society organisations were important development partners for the Government, so they hoped that the Government would and hear the voices of the people in this campaign.
Br Gaiyer said because youths and children make up more than half of the population, the concern now should be of their future, which was why this campaign should not be seen as going against or attacking the Government but as a reminder that the MDG must be attained before 2015.
He said it was not too late for the Government to do something now because there was money and this would give our children a bright future.
Leader of the Salvos programme, Capt John Kerari said they had planned on staging a campaign march through the city last Friday and a public rally on Saturday at the Tabari Place.
However, due to police blanket ban on protest marches, rallies or other community awareness campaigns in the city following the anti-Asian unrests, all the Salvos campaign programmes were deferred to last Saturday at the Oro Village community.
Capt John said although the ban had bombed to the planned programmes, he respected the police for their decision and expressed disappointment at fellow Papua New Guineans for their destructive mentality in using these organised activities as opportunities to cause riots and unrests.
However, the Oro Village put on a grand show last Saturday at their settlement for the UN campaign.