Oro tour operators unhappy

National, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


LOCAL tour operators along the Kokoda Trail and other parts of Northern have asked why tourism was not mentioned in the K410 million budget announced recently for the province by Governor Suckling Tamanabae.

Local tour operator in the province Fr Roderick Vana said he was not happy with the allocations of the funding and questioned why the governor had overlooked the development of the industry that had the potential of bringing benefits to the people in the province.

“Oro province is one of many potential tourist destinations. 

“I am surprised that there was no budget for tourism to help local tour operators like myself venture further into other tourist attraction opportunities that the province has to offer,” he said.

Vana, who runs Kokoda Trail and Adventure Trekking in Kokoda in Sohe district, called on provincial government to pump money to revive the provincial tourism bureau saying it had been dormant for a long time.