Out-of-control semi-trailer crashes through Naqia fence

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AN out-of-control semi-trailer veered off the road and crashed through the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (Naqia) fence and landed on a car at 6-Mile, in Port Moresby, on Wednesday. Acting 6-Mile police station commander Chief Sgt Bruce Amos said the semi-trailer was travelling on Magi Highway and transporting wire to Badili Hardware when the incident occurred. No-one was injured.
He said the driver was trying to apply the brakes at the roundabout and failed. He jumped out of the vehicle.
The vehicle veered and crashed.
“The driver of the vehicle was taken to the Boroko police traffic office for investigation,” Amos said.

One thought on “Out-of-control semi-trailer crashes through Naqia fence

  • Mechanical failure it is. Sorry tru..!!!…Thank GOD the driver or anyone wasn’t injured. Further investigation
    on the matter should point out if it fault was directly related to poor workmanship.

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