Overcome difficulties by working hard: Dame Sandra


Managing director of Tropicana Ltd Dame Sandra Lau told the 114 graduates of Sonoma Adventist College that they had overcome the difficulties faced this year.
She told the graduates at the Sonoma campus in Kokopo, East New Britain, that the certificates and degrees were proof of their hard work and sacrifices.
“As of today, you will be starting a new chapter in life which you will be joining the real world to seek employment to earn a living,” Dame Lau said.
“You are at the prime of your life, enriched with knowledge.
“You are young, healthy and strong, as this is the best window of opportunity in life to pursue your passion and to pave the life you want to live.”
She encouraged them to start their day early, plan ahead and achieve what they had set out so they could build a strong and consistent routine.
“You should recognise that there will be failures and there will be obstacles,” Dame Lau said.
“But always bear in mind that in every failure is a lesson and in every lesson is an experience that teaches you something.
“And if you learn from it, you will always emerge from it as a better and stronger person.”