Pala denies plotting to unseat Somare


The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FORMER Attorney General Ano Pala has described insinuations that he played a part in the referral of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare as totally and utterly irresponsible, an outright lie and simply cruel.
“I want to assure Sir Michael and the general public that I played no part during my term as attorney general and minister for justice in the referral of Sir Michael to the leadership tribunal,” said Pala, who is Agriculture Minister and Rigo MP.
“These allegations are not me and not my style. As the former clerk of parliament, I have always been a passionate supporter and defender of members of parliament and the culture of leadership, the office of the Prime Minister being the most important aspect of that culture.
“I grew up in parliament protecting that culture and will continue to do so.”
Pala said the Public Prosecutor is an independent office holder and he acted independently and did not consult the attorney general or the secretary Dr Lawrence Kalinoe.
“I do not know who he consulted before making the decision to refer Sir Michael, but to put these insinuations to rest, I must reiterate that he did not consult me and the facts remains that he is not required by law to consult me and the secretary.”
“Those responsible for the speculations obviously do not know anything about me and/or intend on misleading the public and crawling into the comfort zone of the Prime Minister’s confidence and once again marginalising Papuan leadership and representation in Cabinet.”
Pala said Sir Michael was a “great man” and like all great man he would once again overcome this temporary set-back.
“Let me reiterate and assure the public that we Southern region members of the National Alliance have not asked for much from the Prime Minister nor have we made much noise but our support for the Prime Minister is genuine,” he said.