Parent: Govt unit failed my daughter

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The National,Tuesday17 January 2012

A PARENT is blaming the measurement service branch of the Education Department for the exclusion of many intelligent Grade 12 students at Notre Dame Girls Secondary School from further studies this year.
Concerned father Kunamb Tal said his Grade 12 daughter had missed out on offers from universities because of the branch’s errors.
Responding to an article in The National last Wednesday, which claimed there were errors in the English subject, he blamed the branch for deliberately failing bright students.
Tal claimed his daughter had scored “As” and “Bs” in internal examinations but her results in the finals showed low marks.
He said it clearly indicated the branch wanted to push its own students into universities and colleges by dropping bright students from the race.
“This is a clear indication of corruption and favouritism involved in the selections,” he said.
Tal urged the Office of Higher Education in Port Moresby to fast-track students who missed out from offers to be considered with others selected for universities and colleges to continue their studies.
“We have toiled our guts out to pay our children’s school fees to get better education results but this has been turned upside down by individuals looking after their self-interest.”
Tal said class teachers were also frustrated by the foul play.