Park designing education programmes


THE Port Moresby Nature Park’s schools education programme is designing lessons and activities to harness learning through student engagement.
The park will expand its guided-tour based lessons to include more inquiry-based learning experience for students in Port Moresby and Central.
This will give students the opportunity to learn through problem solving, constructive thinking and curiosity building.
The normal grade programme based on practical topics extracted from the PNG school curriculum will suit students from kindergarten up to Grade 12.
Students will also participate in special-themed weeks during the year and be part of the Champion’s Explorer’s Programme focused on goal-setting and challenge projects to boost self-esteem.
The park will also introduce a teachers’ in-service programme in which teachers and park education officers will discuss and improve the teaching style and delivery to foster effective learning.
“We pride ourselves to be the leading outdoor education service provider for schools and we would like to encourage teachers to explore the benefits our programme can provide for their students in terms of emotional, mental and social development,” general manager Michelle McGeorge said in a statement.

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