Parkop: I am here to serve

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NCD Governor Powes Parkop says he is humbled by the praise from the public on his work but his main purpose is to serve the people, not seek glory.
“What is important is to see that we improve our standard of living and doing things that benefit everyone,” Mr Parkop said.
He was responding to the announcement last Friday by the principal, the teachers and board of directors of Kilakila Primary School to name the newly-commissioned school building, the Parkop Building.
The new double classroom was  opened by Mr Parkop, who helped secure K1.2 million to build classrooms for the school.
Mr Parkop did the same for other schools in the city and is planning a major revamp and transformation for all primary schools in the city.
“My actions are not important, it is the benefits that matter and I hope everyone benefits from what I do.”
Mr Parkop also said: “I hope many people will see and appreciate what we are trying to do here and take pride and look after our city.”