Parkop launches health newspaper

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THE public will now have access to monthly updates on health and related issues affecting masses in Papua New Guinea and the region.
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop launched the publication last week, saying that it was a new vehicle for an important medium that can be used by professionals in the health sector to pass on information to people throughout the country.
The paper, titled PNG Health, is published by PNG Health Publications Limited (PHPL), a 100 % nationally-owned company.
Mr Parkop said the paper would play an important role is assisting the Government’s attempt to achieve a healthy country through creating awareness on various health issues.
The paper, he said, should be a medium which preventative health care should be promoted so people could change their ways and avoid getting sick.
He added that preventative health care was a focus for the city government and this paper would be a medium to communicate with city population.
“It should be a publication that our people can red and appreciate a involving health it is appropriate to be launched at this time when the Government
is developing a 50-year plan aimed at making PNG a healthy nation,” Mr Parkop said.
PHPL chief executive Darby Kila said the tabloid will report on all health and medical issues, developments in the health sector, social and economic issues affecting the health sector, climate change and global effects including findings of new medical researches.
“There will also be medical commentaries on certain issues
and subjects for public consumption and interest.”
Proposed circulation stations would be  private clinics and hospitals, chemists, bookshops and news agencies and other streets.