Parkop moots national unity govt

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NCD Governor Powes Parkop yesterday appealed to Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to consider forming a government of national unity, a government that has no differences.
Mr Parkop made this call in his Independence message yesterday, in which he urged the Prime Minister to seriously consider a government of national unity to oversee the country over the next two years.
With the Prime Minister likely to quit politics in 2012, it was a compelling case for all MPs to unite behind the Grand Chief as he sees out his final years in active politics, he said.
Mr Parkop said a government of national unity would also enable our country and people to act collectively on the cholera and dysentery outbreak, the LNG projects, reserve seats for women, and the issue behind the bill on transferring property rights and the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
He said that it would be a blessing to our nation on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of our political independence if all leaders could put their differences aside and put that of our nation ahead and form such a unity government.
Meanwhile, Mr Parkop urged NCD residents to take the lead in future independence anniversary celebrations and show that being independent was the most valuable asset any country can have.
“You should all be proud that we are a country that is diverse in culture, language and ethnic grouping yet we have advanced as a united country and the National Capital District is made up of our many ethnic communities,” Mr Parkop said at the Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby on the eve of PNG’s 34 years of Independence.
Independence Day celebrations throughout the city began on Tuesday with a business and corporate entities float around the city and live band and cultural performances at the Sir John Guise Stadium organised by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC).
Schools throughout the city took part with cultural activities at their schools and also the concurrent launch of the 2009 Hiri Moale festival at Ela Beach.
Mr Parkop also encouraged more business houses and organisations to take part in NCDC-organised Independence events in future.
Earlier in the day, Mr Parkop announced the winner of the Independence floats organised by the commission.
RH Hypermart took out first prize for having the best float, with Port Moresby Farmers Training Centre coming second and the third prize going to the Telikom PNG float.
Other participants included PNG Law and Justice Sector, Telikom PNG, PNG Fire Service, Port Moresby Farmers Training Centre, Hebou Construction, and PNG Women in Agriculture under the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.