Parkop must address issues

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Unfounded claims against Parkop” (The National, Oct 6) by Tom Plang.
Not many NCD residents would think like the writer and commend NCD Governor Powes Parkop for the city beautification project.
The writer seems to contradict himself when he posed too many questions.
I am not arguing with the writer but to talk about logic and relevance.
I would ask the governor to prioritise the following issues and how he is going to address them – rising prices of goods and services, taxes, law and order, youth unemployment and prostitution, brothels and guest houses within residential areas, human smuggling, urban settlements, etc.
In addition, is the governor going to prioritise school fees for children attending NCD schools, provide water and power supply to the settlements within NCD, improve the drainage and sewerage systems in the settlements, improve the road system to accommodate and minimise traffic jam, provide a genuine public market place to accommodate street sellers, who are continuously being harassed physically by the city rangers (a human rights abuse), etc?
The governor claimed to possess a million ideas and yet failed to see the other side of the coin by addressing the very basic needs or issues highlighted above.
There is no doubt the city looks better but are the residents of NCD better off today then they were three years ago?


Tsak Pembe
Via email