Parkop outraged over murder


National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, pictured, has given an assurance that an investigation into the killing of former border development authority chief executive officer Fred Konga in Port Moresby last week will be carried out.
“I am shocked and horrified by the execution style of this murder,” Parkop said.
“All killing and murders are bad and horrible but this type of killing, almost like a paid or hired job by a hitman, has to be totally condemned. It has no place in our society.
“I assure you all that investigations are currently being carried out and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.
“I call on the police not to be lenient on such matters and to make it a priority to apprehend the criminals as soon as possible. I will soon be announcing the steps that we will take to address this issue.
“Discussions are going on with the NCD Met Sup, Australian police and PNG Defence Force about new initiatives to continue to improve peace and security.
“I am taking this matter seriously as it is one of my three priorities for my third term as governor of our capital city.
“As part of this new effort to bring greater security to the city, we will also introduce the Neighbourhood Watch Community Policing to involve city residents to help in keeping Port Moresby safe and peaceful.”