Parkop talks recycling


NATIONAL Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop says the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) is looking at ways to convert rubbish collectors at the Baruni dump which he termed as “scavengers” into small to medium enterprise (SME) operators.
Parkop spoke about the idea during the launch of a recycling partnership between Theodist Ltd and Hewlett Packard (HP) on Tuesday.
“You see all the scavengers go there and pick so we are in the process of working with them, organising them and helping them to become SMEs,” he said.
“This is the vision that I have and we have for the Baruni land fill that all the scavengers are organised and systemised well.
“We will put them in different categories, some deal with plastic waste, some with paper, some with metal, liquid and so on.
“So we are doing this on our part but not in a formal way.”
Parkop said through NCDC’s waste management strategy to renew, reuse and recycle, people collecting rubbish from the Baruni dump could use it as a platform for business by collecting the rubbish to recycle.
“That’s the direction which I have given to our management at NCDC on how to deal with the Baruni land fill by working with the people there to see if we can recycle and reuse.”

One thought on “Parkop talks recycling

  • Why not the city management or the government review the previous city cleaness foundation strategies and rubbish recycling plans back to city council to do cleaning day and night as before where city used to be very clean rather than a warding contracts to so called WHOM YOU KNOW and injecting a lot of money to them which they perform very less jobs and our cities are very dirty with full of rubbish. Even people drop their waste in front of buildings and along main streets. I think the city management team should take some time to walk on the streets and see todays reality before do a lot of paper media plans with no effect results. Thank you.

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