Partnership to help youths


THE church must work alongside the Government to empower young people, says United Church urban region bishop Rev Jacob Harry.
He was addressing the church’s regional board meeting for its children and youth ministry in Madang last week.
Harry said the youths of today were either a ticking time bomb or a blessing ready to explode.
“We are forewarned to worry about tomorrow today,” he said.
“If we do not take care of the young people of tomorrow, we will have a threat on our hands.
Harry said the church was only responsible for the young people it could attract.
“We want to budget heavily in them and we want to give them opportunities for employment or provide alternatives for them to be occupied,” he said.
“The main goal of the church is to work alongside the government to provide avenues to keep young people away from activities detrimental to their health and the health of their communities.”
United Church regional coordinator Edea Korohi stressed the importance of reaching youths today.
“We are living in an age where everything is instant and with this challenge, the children and youth ministry is vulnerable,” Korohi said
Event’s coordinator Sandra Ralai welcomed the outcome of the conference and urged churches to focus more on their children and youth.
The gathering was attended by 29 delegates from provinces to discuss issues affecting youths.